Guild W Zeedz AMA

Time: 2022/03/24 Thursday 20:00-21:00 (UTC+8)


Guest:Ben Ebner, CTO & Founder of Zeedz & Sven Junglas, CMO & Founder of Zeedz.

Host: John Wu ( Builder – Guild W)

How to get the NFT prize? 如何获得 NFT 奖励?

1. Follow @marrowdao and @dappchaser

2. Retweet, like and reply the event poster 转推、喜欢和回复活动海报

3. During the AMA, the host will show the QR Code of the “AMA form” and post the link on the #announcement channel of the Guild W discord. The form is valid until the end of the live, you should fill in your retweet link in time.

AMA 期间,主持人会展示“AMA表格”的二维码,并将表格链接发在 Guild W discord 服务器的 #4-zeedz 频道。该表格在直播结束前有效,你必须及时填写你转推的链接。

4. OAT Prize: All successful participants will be eligible to claim the OAT; Please Claim your OAT badge in 24 hours.

OAT 奖励:所有成功的参与者将有资格获得 Galaxy OAT 奖励;请在24小时内领取您的 OAT 徽章。

5. Game NFT Prize: If your question is selected as the best questions, you could win an NFT prize ranging from 25 (150 USD) to 62 (375 USD) in market price. (The winners will be announced on the #announcement channel of the Guild W discord the day after the event)

游戏 NFT 奖励:如果你的问题被选为最佳问题,你可能会得市场价格 25 至 62 FLOW 不等的 NFT 奖励,即150 U 到 375 U 的奖品。(赢家将在活动结束后第二天之后公布于 Guild W 的 discord channel。)

6. Quarterly Active Supporter Badge: Share your feedback on Twitter, tag @marrowdao + @FlowFansChina + @zeedz_official, and add the tag #guildwama, You might be awarded a quarterly active supporter badge in the future!

季度活跃支持者徽章:在推特分享你的反馈,圈出 @marrowdao
@FlowFansChina 和 @zeedz_official,并且使用 tag #guildwama,你可能会在未来被授予季度活跃支持者徽章。



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